Fitness Centers

Payment Processing Solutions Specifically Designed for Fitness Businesses

Fitness centers who operate in the service industry require credit card processing solutions that address their unique needs, and SelectivePay delivers with systems that are comprehensive, efficient, transparent and budget friendly for any operation.

With one of our fitness industry merchant accounts and a POS credit card payment system, you can capitalize on all the benefits of payment card processing — including improved cash flow, customer service and employee productivity — while reducing negatives like long customer wait times, checks returned for nonsufficient funds and excessive billing costs. When your patrons expect service that’s timely and professional from the moment they contract join your gym, payment card processing should be part of your operation.

Cutting-edge products like our EMV, Google Wallet™ and Apple Pay™ ready countertop credit card machines, and services from SelectivePay get the job done regardless of the type of service business you run — small-to-medium sized, single or multiple locations or home office. That’s because we tailor a transaction processing package to meet your every need.

We can accommodate your pay-on-the-go requirement with our WIFI terminals or mobile credit card processing solution that turns a mobile device into a credit card terminal that can be used practically anywhere, making it ideal for retail vendors who operate in the field, at trade shows, etc. Simply complete the sale by swiping your customer’s credit card or signature debit card and emailing the receipt directly to them.

Whichever solution you choose to accept credit card payments, you can be confident that SelectivePay’s processing is PCI compliant to help keep you and your customers safe from credit card fraud and identity theft.

Key Features 

Our electronic payment processing options include:

Re-occurring payments for memberships & subscriptions
Traditional point-of-sale countertop terminals (phone line or IP connectivity)
Internet credit card processing with our Virtual Terminal
Wireless credit card processing for pay-on-the-go convenience and security
Mobile Credit Card Processing for on-the-go retail vendors via their iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device
Ecommerce payment processing for your online store payment processing needs.
Express Pay functionality to allow your customers to pay their invoices by card or ACH right through your website. No more snail mail.

Choosing the Right POS System 

There are a significant amount of point of sale systems in the marketplace which offer the functionality you need to more efficiently and effectively operate your business. So many proposed solutions and so little time to take away from managing your business; we know researching for POS systems can be overwhelming, SelectivePay, LLC., has partnered with some of the top POS providers in the country, making the right choice now can save you a ton of time and money later down the road.

We take the hassle out of the equation allowing you to have clearly presented information to make an informed decision about a point of sale system with which our payment processing integrates seamlessly.

Getting Started

Let us work with you to clearly understand your unique situation, your competition and industry trends before suggesting options that will help keep you competitive, current and cost effective. SelectivePay offers point-of-sale payment card processing that capitalizes on all the benefits of credit and debit card acceptance plus delivers industry-specific features.