Careers at SelectivePay

We seek employees who will help us develop new solutions and deliver personalized service. We look for employees who share our core values: integrity, win-win outcomes, strong partner relationships, creativity, collaboration, focus, and continuous education.

Success through Excellence

At SelectivePay success is an expectation, not just a theory. We recognize success as a by-product of Excellence, Persistence, Understanding, Knowledge and Honest Action. It’s not just one dimensional. One must feed the other. SP, holding the forgone conclusion a representative seeks a lucrative career; we also offer training, support, stability and true opportunity for success. We recognize lasting success is and can only be achieved by hard work, doing the right thing, honesty and truly being good at what you do. Regardless of anything else, when you’re the very best at what you do, the money just comes with it. So as you might have already ascertained, we expect success through excellence. We see success not just in our representatives, but also in the businesses we serve.

If you’re interested in a career that offers longevity, substantial rewards, as well as the time and resources to positively impact the lives of those most important to you, a career with SP may be what you’re looking for. We’re actively looking for individuals who see CHARACTER and Success as we do beginning with those we serve……

Continually offering the Highest Standards of Professionalism in our Industry

Hold our Clients Financial and Business Information Private and Secure

Always be Service Based in Attitude and Deed, We Serve Our Customers

Realizing Success is achieved one deal at a time, individually defined by all parties benefiting in a transaction

Ability to Offer a Better Value Proposition by understanding their business and needs

Confidence in Analysis, Services and Performance with Continual Training and Support

Trust is Earned by understanding the customers needs, business and providing the best solutions available

Excellence in Understanding Systems, Markets, Opportunity and Technology

Relationship is everything in business. Success comes from doing the right thing, every time.