Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is a software application that functions as a conduit between an eCommerce merchant’s website and the bank that will authorize or decline a customer’s credit card payment. Payment gateways can also process ACH payments and debit cards.

POS Solutions

A point of sale (POS) system is where payments are made for products or services at your store. Every time a customer makes a purchase at your store, they’re completing a point of sale transaction.

Virtual Terminals

Virtual terminals are web-based applications that process credit card payments manually through the internet and can be accessed 24/7 with an internet connection and web browser.

eCommerce Solutions

To establish an e-commerce business, you need a website, Internet merchant accounts, virtual shopping cart and a payment gateway. You provide the website, and SelectivePay will provide the means to do the rest!

Developer APIs

The SelectivePay Developer Network is the complete technical resource developers need to connect and build SelectivePay’s award-winning payment solutions into their systems.

Omni Channel

SelectivePay offers omni-channel processing so you can easily accept payments across all sales channelsand devices through a single payment processing platform. This is a convenient way for your business to attract omni-channel retail customers.

Fast Transactions

Accept most payment types and card brands with high-speed approvals and instant transaction viewing.

Secure Data

Rest easy with industry leading security tools and services to help safeguard your business against card data theft.


Reliable Uptime

Enjoy SelectivePay’s highly stable platform with outage protection so you can run transactions whenever you need to.

Value Added Services

Grow your business with value-packed features like mobile payments and stored value solutions.

Make SelectivePay Your Credit Card Processing Provider

SelectivePay is dedicated to providing transparent pricing, innovative solutions, and the best customer service to help grow your business.

Billing and Invoicing

Billing and Invoicing is a great option for small businesses who need a way to send quotes or invoices by email and collect payments online. Invoices are paid using our hosted payment page. This is great news for businesses who want a payment solution that is secure and customizable. Plus, there’s no coding or integration necessary. Everything you need to create, send, or track a quote or invoice is directly built in.

Accounting Software Integration

Connect your merchant account information from SelectivePay with Quickbooks or Sage 100 using our integrated accounting Plug-in.

Create Your Own Website

No website? No problem. SelectivePay provides a website service for any business to seamlessly integrate digital marketing, online stores, and payment gateways. All of our websites are fully responsive and optimized for search visibility and optimal consumer experiences, offering different levels of customizations based on your individual needs.

Domain Hosting

SelectivePay provides a low-cost web hosting service for our customers who need a new website or would prefer to migrate an existing site to our platform. We offer various hosting packages to ensure a hassle-free experience with excellent uptime and full customer support, tailored to fit the needs of your business.