POS Solutions

A point of sale (POS) system is where payments are made for products or services at your store.
Every time a customer makes a purchase at your store, they’re completing a point of sale transaction. The POS is the main location for sales, inventory, and customer management. It is a network that consists of the main computer connected to checkout terminals and supported by many hardware features ranging from barcode scanners to card payment terminals.

As businesses have different needs and offer different products or services, they need various point of sale systems as well. For example, restaurants, retail shops, and grocery stores all have their specialties, and that is why they need a point of sale system that meets their specific needs.

Vend Software

Grow your retail with Vend POS software, the leading retail inventory and management system.

Poynt Hardware

Elo Hardware

Main Software Features

A good POS system should offer the following software features that are essential to getting the most from your system:
· Payment Processing
· Inventory Management
· Customer Management
· Reporting
· Staff Management

Must-Have POS Hardware

When you are looking for the best POS system for your business, the following hardware requirements should be considered:
· Register Screen
· EMV Compliant Credit Card Terminal
· Cash Register
· Printer
· Barcode Scanner