Developer APIs

Solutions that enhance POS systems with secure technology, one-on-one support and a community of fellow developers.

The SelectivePay Developer Network is the complete technical resource developers need to connect and build SelectivePay’s award-winning payment solutions into their systems. The SelectivePay Developer Network can reduce the time it takes to integrate to SelectivePay’s payment solutions by providing access to one on one support, sample code and a community of fellow developers. The network’s mission is to inform, guide, connect and inspire developers through technical resources, conversation and thought leadership. We believe that direct access to our integration analysts and our commitment to supporting you will help us win together. As a member of our SelectivePay Developer Network, you will receive support to develop, promote, and launch your solution with SelectivePay’s payment processing.

Power your business up with our Developer Services. Partnering with SelectivePay is easy and profitable. You receive the support to develop, promote and market your POS solutions with SelectivePay’s payment processing.


Our business model is centered on you, our developer partners, to deliver our services exclusively through your channels. Through it all you have access to our SelectivePay Network to help grow your business. We help you develop superior solutions that meet your technical needs. We provide easy access to 24/7 support, all the tools and resources you need, and effective integration methodologies to simplify payment integrations.


  • Revenue — competitive residual payments
  • Sales Support — dedicated account manager and ongoing business development
  • Sales Enablement — resources, development tool kits, sales training for your channel
  • Communications — Workshops, forums, conferences, and alerts keep you informed