Poynt Smart Terminal

Powering payments to grow your business. The Poynt Smart Terminal is the latest innovation in handheld card processing, trusted by over 100,000 merchants. Take your credit card reader to wherever your customer wants to pay. Poynt seamlessly integrates with all payment processors, and will eliminate any worries about the security of your credit card terminal, with end-to-end encryption and real-time monitoring from anywhere. 

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Poynt Smart Terminals utilize the latest technology to offer wireless card processing 


Truly mobile card processing meets online management accessible from anywhere



The Poynt app allows you to seamlessly integrate with applications you love most 

Safe & Secure

Poynt is trusted by over 100,000 merchants globally, with end-to-end encryption

The power of mobility is in your hands. Poynt Smart Terminals are the first truly wireless smart credit card processors, removing the physical limitations of traditional, stationary card readers. In addition to being the world’s first mass-produced wireless card terminal, Poynt makes it easy to manage and monitor all your business transactions from one easy-to-use and powerful app.  Poynt products assure high security in all transactions, and are made with the safety of you and your customers in mind. 

Poynt Card Reader Features

Not only will you be truly mobile with the Poynt Card Reader, but your business will appreciate the functions that Poynt Software includes to help your business succeed. Its powerful app can instantly connect to your accounting software, and you’ll be able to do all your invoicing and reporting from the HQ Dashboard: which is accessible from anywhere, in real-time. Digital receipts, customer feedback, loyalty programs, and many more, are all part of the Poynt Package. Connect up to 5 Poynt devices to a single printer, and free up that extra space on your counter for customers, or just get rid of it altogether!

  • Accepts Magstripe, Chips, PIN, and NFC
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • Fully Connected WiFi or Cellular
  • Easy to Use Reporting Dashboard
  • Enhanced Security and End-to-End Encryption
  • Truly Mobile, Completely Wireless
  • Built-in Scanner and Camera
  • Seamlessly Integrates with Most Applications

“Poynt takes the hassle out of paying, and instead makes it part of a tailored experience, which is essential when clients buy something they really love.”

Tommy, James Dant Store for Men

“We wanted a solution that was easy and convenient to use. After I learned the advantages of the Poynt terminal, I decided to buy two!”

Greg, Superior Carstar Paint & Body

“The Poynt Smart Terminal was the most technologically advanced solution available to us — the terminal is totally wireless, and customers love it.”

Derek Smith, Experience Powersports

“We’re so happy that we switched to the Poynt system for our lodging and payments. It’s very user friendly, customers appreciate it, and I think it’s just life changing.”

Kathleen Marvin, Twin Rocks Motel