MagTek Micr Imager with MSR


This product allows you to accept checks as reliable payments from your customers.

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Designed to interface with PC applications and the most popular POS terminals in the market, the MICRImage is the ideal solution for retail Check Conversion and ACH applications where both size and ease-of-use are critical factors. With a small footprint and an advanced ergonomic design, the MICRImage delivers the accuracy and compatibility retailers of all sizes require for electronic check transactions. Reading MICR data and scanning a check’s front image in a single pass, MICRImage can store up to 100 black and white check images using standard CCITT or G4 compression.

MICRImage provides the highest MICR read accuracy available to ensure successful electronic check transactions. The efficient device combines design, function and value to provide the best solution for electronic check conversion. The ergonomic design features visual indicators for ease of use and rapid training while multiple interface ports ensure simple connectivity. The MICRImage is the ideal check reader and scanner for electronic check applications of all types including NACHA’s POP, ARC and RCK.


  • Reads E13-B and CMC-7 fonts
  • Image resolution: 200 dpi
  • Image compression: CCITT or G4
  • Image files: TIFF 6.0 (other formats can be made available)
  • Image storage capacity for up to 100 black & white images
  • Each model includes two interface ports: RS-232/RS-232, RS-232/Ethernet, or RS-232/Modem
  • USB connectivity is also available
  • Easy-access feature allows convenient cleaning of scan bar and check path (no tools required)
  • Optional 3-Track MSR (magnetic stripe reader)
  • Also available: MICR ER (Enhanced Reading) feature used for automated confirmation of MICR data

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.1 × 3.9 × 6 in


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